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Buying a property is an exciting but often daunting task and people are often overwhelmed by the idea of buying at auction, however it doesn’t need to be this way.

Here are our tips for buying:

–          Know your budget first and foremost. Set a limit for the auction day to ensure you don’t go overboard to buy that ‘perfect’ house. Often and ‘home that is for you, won’t go past you’ and there may be something else literally around the corner that suits you better.

–          Explore more options by stepping a little outside of your desired area for a little bit more land or larger house. This can be a great option and often by the time you’re ready to sell your home again this area is among the most desirable and therefore leading to a higher selling price.

–          Does the home meet your needs? A list of desirables is a great start when buying. Is the home within the catchment area for your desired school? Or does it work well with your work commute (ie. Is public transport within close proximity?) Does it have a large enough yard or bedrooms for a growing family so you won’t need to move again too soon?

–          And finally, choose location, as future re-sale value should definitely be considered.

Sam and Joseph Georges are a wealth of knowledge with over 65 years combined experience in the  Inner West market, so if you need more tips or just want some real estate advice, call Sam or Joseph Georges on 9744 7412.

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